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  1. ROTATION: The standard rotation is clock-wise facing the wheel in high speed engines.
  2. STARTING: Cold starting by manual cranking. A detachable pawl type starting handle is supplied.
  3. FUEL SYSTEM: Fuel is supplied to the pump by gravity feed through fuel tank and felt/fabric/paper filter element. A button filter is also provided at the inlet of automizer.
  4. LUBRICATING SYSTEM: Force feed by plunger type lubricating oil pump to large & bearing. Main bearing, Camshaft bush bearing, Rocker bush, etc. are splash lubricated in high speed engines.
  5. BEARINGS: Main bearings are taper roller bearing, Large end bearing are white metal or aluminum alloy lined, steel  backed, thin walled bearings, valve rocker, small end of connecting rod and cam shaft are provided with bush bearing.
  6. GOVERNING: Constant speed centrifugal governor is mounted on the cam shaft gear wheel. Speed variation is controlled within limits to comply with Indian Standard Specifications.
  7. BALANCING: Engine is efficiently balanced with two balance weights bolted on crank shaft in high speed engine.
  8. COOLING: Engines are water cooled and cooling is arranged by run through water supply.
  9. EXHAUST SYSTEM: To minimize the exhaust sound a pepperpot type silencer is provided.
  10. AIR CLEANER: Oil bath type air cleaner is fitted for efficient cleaning of inlet air.



  1. CASING: It is made of close grained high quality cast iron, Volute and interior surfaces are shot blasted to give fine finish, smooth water passages and higher discharge. It is capable of with standing a hydrostatic test pressure of 1.5 times the maximum
  2. IMPELLER: It is specially designed to give higher discharge, higher efficiency over long range and to give better performance even at higher suction lifts. The impeller is of single suvtion tube, secured to shaft firmly. Each impeller is statically balanced and the interior water passages are shot blasted to give best performance.
  3. SHAFT: The shaft is made of higher carbon steel ground accurately and of ample size. It can transmit maximum power without vibrations.
  4. BEARING PEDESTAL/STUFFING BOX: Sturdy and robust construction to give long continuous service, fitted with bush bearing and ball bearing both of ample size to withstand all operating conditions. Lantern ring is provided in between gland keep the shaft cool and to prevent any air leakage.
  5. BALL BEARING: The ball bearing is fitted in the sturdy bearing housing having ample strength and factor of safety to take radial and thrust load imposed by the pump. It is greased packed when assembled, besides grease cup is provided to take care of lubrication.
  6. DIRECTION OF ROTATION: Anti clock-wise when viewed from the coupling end.

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